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Testimonials about the Psolar.EX Mask

I love this mask. There is no moisture buildup, a problem I have with other masks I've used.

This mask has been an AWESOME addition to what I use on the job! The fact that I work outside in an area where there are no buildings to block any of the wind made my job so very COLD to do. The Psolar EX facemask is the best facemask I could've ever found!
-Pat (Philly, PA)

Finally got some cold weather to test the face shield..I thought it was fantastic.I was immediately warmer, it didn't make my goggles fog, and the moisture didn't form ice like a normal face mask.Barbara McIntyre Santa Fe NM Its -31F on the North Slope of Alaska near Harrison Bay. These guys spend 12-14 hr/day outdoors. No complaints from any of them on your face masks. As I told you before we will use them a standard issue next year. If you need anymore or different ones let me know. Thanks again
-Ron Stjernholm HSE Director/Paramedic Fairweather Geophysical

Last fall I called CU Boulder to take care of some student loan items before work for a year in Antarctica. The lady on the phone mentioned that her son had come up with this new cold weather mask, and that she'd ask him to send me one if I'd try it out down here. A while later one showed up in the mail back home, so I had it sent down to me. I thought I'd drop you a note on how it's working. At McMurdo station it's not really that cold over the summer, so wearing it is often overkill. However it worked well the few times I wore it while working outside. But during the winter it's a different story. So lately I wear it when I'm doing extended work outside, riding my bike, or hiking in less-than-perfect weather.The heatt exchanger works exceptionally well. Breathing too much cold air (or any, in fact) is never a worry no matter how cold it gets. It's well constructed and I expect it to last quite a while. Thanks again for sending the mask! It's an interesting conversation piece, since people are curious about the little thing around my mouth when I wear it. Talk to you later
-Seth White

This mask keeps me warm all day. I can ski longer when I wear it.
-Brian (Toledo, OH)

The air was definitely warmer and coughs were reduced when going through the icefall in the early morning.  It's a product that I would use again and recommend. Thank you again for the product and hope your business is booming!
-Bill Crouse, Breckenridge CO and Everest Climber

The two Psolar masks you provided us work excellent.  My motor officer uses his driving to and from work and loves it.  As for the balaclava, I just used it on a recent SWAT callout in the middle of the night.  It was great!  The temperature difference over my Nomex was amazing. I just got a Psolar.X face mask (the kind that covers just the ears but not the top of your head) and I can now continue riding my bike to work year round! I am already showing it to others who are interested. Thanks again.

I recently received one of your Psolar BX balaclavas as a product sponsorship from Early Winters. I took it on my equipment shakedown run to the Arctic Ocean this last week. It worked great, much better than I had anticipated. It got fairly cold, down to -37F, -60F with windchill and continued to work great. It will be accompanying me on my upcoming historic solo expedition to the North Pole.
-Wave Vidmar, Explorer

I purchased your product two months ago, i used it for running and biking, i rode this morning with -14F and -30F windshield, it was like riding in early spring, this product works amazingly well. Thank you.
-Park Tool USA

Many thanks, the mask was delivered today, 11-27-02. The mask was ordered for my wife as I already had a mask. I was wondering if I could get a number of the brochures either delivered to me or to the cardiac rehab unit at Rose Hospital. I suffered a heart attack on the 17 of September and I think more of the cardiac patients need to know of the availability of your mask and the cost. I believe you would be able to increase your business in this special area as the patients are told not to exercise or walk outdoors when the temperature is below 40 degrees because of the increased strain on the cardiac system. I ordered the mask for my wife because of her asthma. The mask I have was ordered from Cabela's and made by a different company. I saw the article on your masks in the paper and ordered the one for my wife.  Again, many thanks for such a fine product.
-Steve Rehm

It is great! I have ridden my bike more this winter with the Psolar.EX mask. It keeps me warmer.
-Daniel (Logan, UT)

I wanted to let you know that the mask is great. I just bought one and have already used it several times. Its ability to warm my insides is quite astounding. Muy impressivo!!!
-Andy Mughannam

"The Best snow is found when the air is chilled enough to frostbite the skin. To enjoy one without the other means wearing the proper equipment. PSOLAR face protection is the best technology in this area on the market."
-Chris Anthony

I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with your Psolar.EX heat exchanger mask. I am a 60-year-old retired PA State policeman. My love for the outdoors was recently challenged by a heart attack. Due to the very cold weather, I have not been able to deer hunt or ice fish. In search of a heat exchange mask, I contacted several respiratory supply businesses with no success. I then bought a (competitor)  from Cabela's, which was not functional, and was very bulky. The airflow was restricted and at times I could not breathe well. Your mask is much more efficient and comfortable. I can do almost anything, as the air volume is great. The cold weather no longer restricts my activities.
-Sincerely, Don Bova

PsolarX is an awesome technology that helps me save energy on the hike up the mountain. The more energy I have at the top of the mountain the better I ride.
-backcountry snowboarder Ash Christensen

Received the mask, and am ecstatic with it. Even though it is not subzero here in Sacramento, the mornings are in the 30s, and playing tennis (!) or an early-morning jog can be most uncomfortable, not to say downright hurting, after a while. PSolar is a great company, and its products are wonderful! I work in freezers -20 blow and  -50 blow and a blast freezer I bought and psolar ex on e bay it realy realy works in deep cold thank you.

Temperatures right now are about -8 degrees celsius. As soon as I went outside I noticied that the air was not as cool as normal. In fact it felt pretty close to the same as inside the building As I rode home I tried to see how much glasses fogging would occurr.  I did not experience any breathing problems so airflow seemed to be good. The ride itself was very interesting. Within a few minutes I was sweating all over even with armpit zips wide open and the back zipper open as well. My impression is that wearing this face mask will likely lead to fewer layers. (BTW: Another usage that I will consider is giving one to my girlfriend for her survival kit in the car. If this does allow keeping warm with fewer layers then it's likely to be even better then a hat or blanket for a car survival kit).
-Jamie N

In my never ending quest for the holy grail of heat/humidity exchange devices, I have purchased yet another device that uses the heat and humidity from outgoing breath to warm the incoming breath.I got the Psolar BX balaclava from It claims to be revolutionary technology and I had received a glowing recommendation from a friend who knows what winter is about. I also bought the optional piece that is claimed to keep glasses and goggles from fogging.  The heat exchange device itself (has) thin layers of a plastic material are stacked in such a way that they allow fairly unrestricted airflow. I was somewhat concerned initially that the device was so light. My other heat exchange devices work on thermal mass and heat conduction, but the Psolar device works on different principles. The part to keep glasses and goggles from fogging is a stick on foam shaped to fit more snuggly against my nose. With the Psolar balaclava on. I was breathing noticeably warmer air than through the (competitor). I would estimate that the (competitor) warmed the -30C air up to just above freezing while the Psolar device the incoming air felt more like +10C. Normally, if I stop to repair my bike, my goggles get fogged and I have to take them off. I have learned to accept this;I still like to wear goggles.  Miraculously, after half an hour of messing around with my bike, my goggles weren't fogged - unprecedented. As for the heat exchange device (remember the heat exchange device?) it worked well for the entire two hour commute. After the first hour or so, there was a noticeable restriction in airflow but less restrictive than breathing through a knit scarf. Both times that I stopped, I did not have to get my spare jacket out of my bag. It is amazing how much warmer you feel when not wasting body heat on warming up incoming air.  I can see that the Psolar balaclava will be close to ideal for sleeping with.My conclusion is that this is a very worthwhile device. It does what it advertises and does it well. While not as efficient as a (competitor) heat exchanger, it allows way more airflow and costs way less. It is more efficient and more comfortable (but more expensive) than my (competitor). For anyone who dislikes breathing cold dry air, this is a fine addition to a winter wardrobe.