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Psolar Vapor Shield Accessory, Prevents Glasses from Fogging

The Psolar Vapor Shield fits into any facemask or balaclava. It is designed to block the opening that naturally occurs when fabric that is pulled tight makes a straight line from the bridge of you nose to your cheek. This gap can allow moist air up onto the inside surface of your glasses where it immediately condenses and blocks your vision. With the Vapor Shield, the vapors are not allowed up and your glasses stay more clear. This product is not recommended for goggles which already form to your face if they are properly fit.
  • NEW accessory for the Psolar face mask and balaclavas
  • Prevents glasses from fogging
  • Provides a better fit
  • Easy application
  • One Size fits all
Psolar Vapor Shield Accessory
Sorry, this item is no longer available.