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Psolar.LX Lightweight Face Mask

The LX is made with a thin Huntington Mills Fleece. The LX is designed for running or other activities where keeping your breath warm is important, but the face protection is not critical. The thin material provides superior breathability for strenuous activities. Protection from the wind is minimal. The mask fits a wide range of individuals and can be easily formed to your face and neck with ultra-wide Velcro fastening strips.

Psolar ® and Huntington Mills®   The Material Makes the Mask. This mask incorporates Huntington Mills fabrics. This fleece is soft and quiet for ultimate comfort.

The Psolar.LX Advantage:

  • Features revolutionary lightweight QXtec core warming heat exchanger
  • A warm body core = warm hands and feet
  • Enhances physical performance
  • Lowers your personal temperature threshold
  • Enhances your tolerance to cold weather, allows you to enjoy winter recreation at its best
  • Tested at -40 degrees and does not frost
  • Easily cleaned
  • Made of the finest materials
  • Covers ears and neck comfortably
  • Compact and lightweight - Easily fits in pocket
  • Stays dry - Moisture does not condense on the fleece
    It remains in the module and is returned to your body

Psolar.LX Face Mask
Sorry, this item is no longer available.