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How The Psolar.EX Mask Works: The Technology Behind The Heat Exchanger

The Technology Behind the Heat Exchanger:

The Patent Pending mask features a Qxtec module that is made of desiccant coated plastic. The desiccant grabs the moisture from the air, forcing a phase change from vapor to liquid. This phase change releases heat and is added to the natural heat of exhalation, warming the plastic. This warmth is transferred to the air as it is inhaled - creating a warm "breath of sunshine."

The heat exchanger is up to 80% efficient, meaning that at 0 Degrees, your inhaled breath can be warmed to over 75 Degrees before it enters your body! Efficiencies vary with respiratory rates and lung capacity.


First in the series of Psolar products is the Psolar.EX face mask. This mask incorporates the revolutionary QXtec heat exchange module.
The core-warming module is flexible, durable and dishwasher safe. It easily slips into the mouth-area pocket, designed for easy extraction of the module from the mask for cleaning.

The mask fits a wide range of individuals and can be easily formed to your face and neck with ultra-wide Velcro fastening strips.

Psolar.EX and Polartec® - The Material Makes the Mask:

The Psolar.EX mask is made of Polartec® fabrics, Windblock® and Aqua Shell , one of the most widely used and popular fabric brands of outdoor accessory fabric on the market today - highly acclaimed for its durability and performance.

The Polartec® Aqua Shell fleece face cover is made of a combination of fleece and neoprene, providing a nonrestrictive fit with four-way stretch that comfortably forms to your face and neck. Windproof and water-repellent, it provides good breath ability.

The protective neck cover portion of the mask is made of Polartec® Windbloc® fabric. It's polyurethane membrane allows moisture vapor transmission and is completely waterproof and windproof.