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FAQ's about the Psolar.EX Face Mask

Q: How is Psolar.EX cleaned?

A: The QXtec core-warming module can be cleaned after each use - just place it in the smaller-item protective basket in the dishwasher or simply rinse it off with mild soap and water. The module can also be cleaned with the fabric mask by throwing the whole mask into the clothes washer.
  • The module can be washed hundreds of times without deterioration, or harm.
  • The fabric mask can be machine washed in warm water and line dried. We recommend washing the fabric in cold water to increase the longevity of the fleece.

Q:How does Psolar.EX work?

A: The Psolar.EX mask contains a lightweight thermal conversion module that captures the vapor that is typically expended in the normal course of breathing. The module actually captures warmth when you exhale. As you inhale the cold air, the module gently warms the air returning heat into your body. This advanced technology allows you to constantly breath in fresh warm air while trapping moisture to keep your mask drier. Psolar.EX keeps your core body temperature warm when you're facing extremely frigid outdoor elements.

Q: Is this new technology patented?

A: There is a patent (#4,875,520) and a patent pending for this product.

Q: What is the significance of the name PSOLAR?

A: The word POLAR has a connotation of cold. Insert the letter "S" and the "P" becomes silent. The word pronunciation becomes "SOLAR" with a warm connotation. The "S," like the heat exchanger, changes cold to warm.

Q: I have asthma (or other health condition) and cold air is not good for me. Is this a treatment?

A: This is not FDA certified as a medical device. This is a cold weather product designed to keep you warm and comfortable just like gloves, hats and jackets. This device heats the air you inhale. If breathing warm air could be beneficial for your condition, consult your physician.

Q: I've seen other "Heat Exchange" face masks. Why is Psolar.EX better?

A: Personal Respiratory Heat Exchange (PHRE) devices have been around since the 1800's. The first patent was in 1898. Since that time the evolution of the technology has been to make them simpler and more affordable. Psolar.X utilizes a simple lightweight and affordable PHRE. Psolar.X offers the following advantages.
  • Price: Psolar.EX is priced competitively with standard face masks and can be less than half the price of other PHRE face masks.
  • Quality: Psolar.EX is made of the finest Polartec® materials. The module is durable, dishwasher safe and replaceable.
  • Breathability: There is little resistance to breathing, allowing use while exercising or sleeping.
  • Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the quality or performance, return it for a full refund.
Q: Does Psolar.X have products other than Psolar.EX?

A: We currently offer the face mask, balaclava, and helmet balaclava. Psolar also sells a vapor shield accessory to prevent glasses from fogging. Other concepts are being pursued. We have both models available in camouflage.

Q: Does Psolar.EX require batteries?

A: No! The heat is captured from your exhaled breath. This heat is normally wasted. By the way, the module also captures the water vapor and returns it to the air you breathe. This puts less stress on your body because it does not have to heat and humidify 100% of every breath you take.

Q: Is the desiccant safe?

A: Yes! The desiccant is bonded to the plastic and is not inhaled. The desiccant is used in baby powder and it is also used to thicken milkshakes.

Q: Does this mask fog your glasses?

A: Not if you use the Vapor Shield accessory.

Q: Does this mask fog your goggles?

A: Psolar.EX is designed similar to most other masks. Some air escapes and could possibly fog your goggles. When goggles are worn over the portion covering the cheeks, the goggles do not fog.